what is the belt of orion?

we had always wanted to "simplify" but didn't know where to begin.

We like to consider it “freedom in technology.” 

With our phone attached to your body, but detached from your thoughts.

you’ll feel lighter, happier, and less stressed out. 


Warning: your purse or your backpack may suddenly seem cumbersome, even ridiculous.

you may want to do a little dance when you realize how liberating it is.

we will kill the man that stops you.

but I neeeeed my phone for (fill in the blank)

five billion people – no exaggeration - neeeed their phone, also.

We love – and rely on - our phones as much as you do. the advent of the phone is an extraordinary thing. we want our music, our selfies, our mobile office, our favorite apps...but, we also want peace of mind and need, sometimes, to put the darn thing away, which we all know is easier said then done, and sometimes, just downright annoying.

Having your phone and essentials strapped to your body and both hands free is just the beginning. Your phone will be right there when you need it. You might find you need it less.

Are there any other special instructions?

Not really, put your phone away in your accessory, wear it on your hips, or your waist, in the font, or the back, put your essentials in there, get on with your life, and let the magic happen.

who are we?

we, in effect, are you.

we have dropped our phones 538 times, we have smashed them, forgotten them, lost them, used them rudely in the middle of a conversation, freaked out over texts, and acted we were in an office when we were at a restaurant with friends. We have taken selfies, gacked out on instagram for hours, forgotten all our passwords. We’ve lost our cash, we’ve been pick pocketed, we’ve bought every stupid phone holder for our wrist or arm and wasted money on waist packs that bounced all over the place or made us look like we should be in a huey lewis video. We’ve left our credit cards in bars, and worried if our butts looked too big in things. We’ve had cash fall out of our pants pockets. We got sick of carrying all our stuff around, we’ve looked at facebook when we should be working, and forgotten our passwords. in short, we were sick of having our hands and our minds, tied up all the time. we were over it and suspected we were not alone in our frustration. We could find no solution. So we made one.

but, who else are we?

we are, in fact, highly sought-experts in the field of health and wellness, headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, and Paris, France. We have a collective five decades helping people find balance, happiness and health, and are relentless in both our pursuit of better lives and our desire to share them. We made everyone we know, and nearly ourselves, crazy by road testing this thing. So we hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, let us know and we will send your money back.

If you do – please tell all your friends and loved ones.

You’ve got this!

you don't have to be an expert like us to make the best choices for your own health and wellness – but, it is imperative you can trust the experts you consult with, and that you learn to trust your intuition. we stand behind every item, and take customer service very seriously. as you come to know us, and learn from us, it is our goal for you to experience us as an authority you can trust, who can and will guide you as you learn and adapt your unique lifestyle, and can make make more conscious health and wellness decisions on your own behalf.

why did we create the belt of orion?

Ahhh, the irony for two decades, we are reputable experts in health and wellness, who fell into the same trap as everyone else. To make it more embarrassing, we had overlooked the simplest change of all: we watched our clients and students put heavy bags down and complain of shoulder pain, constant stress. We watched our students leave class all blissed out, pick up their phone on the way out, and start freaking out while staring at their screens. We were always stressed out, then we looked around and realized, there was just way too much stress, period. So we are taking a stab at solving the problem at its root, rather than at its symptom.

these days it is easy to overlook the simplest changes, and in our experience, it is often the simplest changes which make the biggest difference. 

We’d love to hear from you. We’ve been road-testing this gadget for two years and we want to see how you use yours. We love all the fantastic reviews and notes, and we want your photos,too! Drop us a line through social media (we’ve been so busy running around the world testing, we are just setting it up now!) and show us where your new life takes you. You’ll see, we really are who we say we are, and we want you to live happy, healthy, carefree lives right along with us.

Enough of us. Get out there and do your thing.